To Transform A Mind

The ability to put other people under, to transform the very fabric of someones soul, transforming a girl into a sex kitten. To make a woman forget who she is, who she was. Or, even better, to have her remember, and be grateful for the change.

Not just hypnotism, but mind control in general. Maybe it's something that subtly sank into my mind as a child, as a number of cartoons and shows use it as a plot mechanism. Regardless, it's something that is difficult to share, much less indulge.

I mostly enjoy reading the stories that feature a male hypnotist/mind controller, altering the behavior of one or more girls. It is better when their is some kind of mental struggle, when you can see their will slowly break down, until they embrace their new identity.

I doubt I will ever find words that affect me more then "yes, master."

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Do you know of anyone interested in hypnotizing men the same way. Seems like planty of male hypnotists but not many erotic female ones.

Enjoyed your outlook. You are quite right the stories can be exciting AND stimulating.. Any practiced good hypnotist can provide you these pleasures---

I understand your fetish very well... it's the one I enjoy most of all. I love training My girl, and she is totally devoted to her Master. she was a sub all her life, usually to abusive bullies (wannabe doms). I have shown her the beauty of her submissive nature and take her into it so much more deeply than she could have ever imagined. She adores her Daddy's mind control, and craves more and more of it all the time. she is no longer a sub, she understand that through Me and My training, she is forever My slave girl.

Sir You describe a D/s relationship interestingly and very nicely. Abusive bullies are not to be tolerated.

I find as i embrace my nature that there are roadblocs that deter me. Thes are perception of behavior instilled by societal conditioning. I know they hamper true expression and when hypnotism can dissolve them i am so grateful to the tist who has freed me. In turn i wish them access to my subconcious for their pleasures

id love my wife to be hypnotised into being use

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Well said!