Showing-off. . . Ooops

I am a male and have been showing myself to women since 18 years of age. Even younger that that women liked to look at me.
I got into Exhibitionism when I notced that the neighbor (female) was peeking into my bedroom window-I would get up in the morning fully hard. At first I did not know what to think of it ...but as time went on and she said nothing to no body....Well I continued to give her a free show. I liked it. It made me wonder if other women like seeing me this way. I have many stories after many years. I love them all. For me it has been good.and still as of today love to show my legs and higher to looking women!!
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Thank you.. I will Post more..<br />
I have flashed my boss(female) . The first time was a classic. She had come over to my side where I was sitting. That is where she had her water jug, W e l l in noticing that, I opened my legs so that she could see up the shorts. In doing so I started to get hard knowing that she could see. We made small chit-chat at first, and then came time she was going to poor the water into her glass, I said let's put it over here so that if it spills it spills or splashes the floor and not the desk. It was just perfect viewing, light was great position too. Well she started to pore the water and my head on my manhood was engorged and showing ...I could feel the coolness of the air on me. Well as she looked on me, she kept poring the water it over flowed. And after a bit, by the way I let her keep looking giving my penis a wiggle for her too, I said Oooops I think we spilled.. ; - ) LOL. She knew that I knew she was enveloped in viewing me. From that point on she would come by for more views and me falling out further in the open for her to leer at...

I am sure we would love to read your stories. Please post.