being a sissybitch love to dress up and look fem as possible so i am into femulating!its such a turn on to look as fem as possible! have enjoyed being dressed up since i was 13 and get a kick out of looking as fem as possible!
mandiejune mandiejune
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love your thoughts and your pic<br />
go girl

Femulating is the women I am and want to be the most attractive alluring sensual women possible...........need to loose a few more lbs (whats new with women) to hit the misses attire...........<br />
love women want to be with those who will accept me and mentor me and make love with me........femulatig as a lesbian.....................lesa

Yep, that is true, sis. That's why I am getting me even a tramp stamp on my butt.

Being feminine and looking feminine is just a natural desire for some of us.