Family Tree

My mother is a genealogist. Over the years I have acquired many skills to help her in her research. I can carry heavy ledgers and old records. I can contentedly wander around old graveyards and the most important one, I can amuse myself for hours on end while sitting on courthouse steps waiting for her.
A while back she called and told me if I went to Texas with her she would be able to document that our ancestor fought at the battle of San Jancinto for Texas independence.
She didnt tell me we had to go to west Texas. I am not sure but i think if you google"middle of nowhere" , west Tx will pop up.
Texas is one of my favorite states. However we didnt stop in Dallas or Austin or Houston. We stopped in Beeville and Sanderson and Marathon. All pretty little towns with a lot of history.
Thanks to my many skills we were able to prove that our ancestor did fight at the battle of San Jancito. Also found court records that his grandson left Texas a step ahead of the Texas Rangers. A small dispute over the ownership of a few horses. In one long trip to west Texas we were able to find one hero and one horse thief in our family tree.
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Jan 20, 2013