Starting A Day

It was nearly two months since I seen them and this year on the new year eve they both called me and wished me. Three days back Laura called me and we both were on the way to motel.

On the way Laura had to pee and she stopped at a restroom. I wanted to had some fun so did she and I thought of getting little evil and I said her that she had to pee in the open and right in front of the rest room. There was not many people and it was still dark.....she was stunned and asked, "do I really meant to what I just said to her"
I said, yes for better you take it as a punishment, not visiting me so long.

She stepped out the car, I asked her to take off her skirt, stockings and panties, she did it with the expressions of embarrassment and excitement on her face...I could see her ***** nicely trimmed and her **** aroused and visible as she is blessed with big labia...

I told her to sit and take **** and she did it as she was getting herself relief, I turn on the head lights so a couple of people passing by saw her ******* in the open right in front of restroom, I told them she lost a bet......

My blonde doll Laura was pretty embarrassed and excited she played with herself all the way to motel begging me to allow her to ***......

We reached motel about to sun rise. Now it was redhead Rachel's turn, She was waiting for us at the motel and she also had to pay for avoiding me all these days. 

Everybody is familiar with pizza dare, the nude pizza dare... 

Somewhere around 10 A.M.

I added a little fun, bit more humiliation and some extra excitement. I told Rachel to take off her stockings and pull down her panties to her ankles and keep them there. I made her pull up her skirt to her waist so that I can see her naked *****...Now I asked her to answer the door....She was really red in shame and horny with excitement, her ***** could be seen dripping wet, she also possess big labia and very visible ****.

She actually moved like a doll really small steps as she had her panties at her ankles all the time. She open the door and greeted the surprised pizza guy, she took pizza box from him and she moved with her panties at her ankles and her skirt at up at her waist, showing naked *** and ***** to pizza guy, she returned with money and greeted off the pizza guy. She really made the pizza boy's day.

So it was just the starting of the day, we did lot more exciting things before I ****** them both in the *** with my huge *******.....
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