Basic Life Memory Reset

There is process of body memory cleansing or releasing.  That means one can clear any pending error, stress event or experience memorized in the body or mind. By doing so initial memory of inborn integrity will be reactivated enabling the life system regeneration. Although memory impediment is removed, memory scar remains.  It is invisible sign of overturned life path.  It acts like body propensity or pronounced sensibility and tendency to fail in situations where constitutive principle of unconditional love as the integrative element of life experience is missing. That for memory reset is not only one time self-healing procedure but it is life discipline.

Memory reset is necessary to be done in response to an error condition manifesting as disturb or ailment.  

The body automatically accepts reset procedure because this process recognizes the pre-determined state as intended by Universal Consciousness and programmed by Body Universal Project. See more at Cypryn Method.


Bewhole Bewhole
70+, M
May 13, 2012