Nature Does It Better

We can copy nature but never match her simplicity and complexity. I feel fortunate in that I was raised with an exposure to natural therapies and intuitive therapists.

We can copy nature and that has it's advantages but the solutions normally come with undesirable side effects. Definitely a time and a place for synthetics/mainstream but if natural health is our first option, we can often prevent getting to the point of needing synthetics.

Natural food, exercise & living in a natural environment brings me much pleasure and good health. My main contradiction is that I adore chocolate and would be very sad to see a World without it:)

If we return to good health being a primary focus, I believe we'll see a reduction in the need for prisons and hospitals. If people are feeling well and balanced, things generally don't get to the point of harming themselves or others. So many opportunities for hospitals, nursing homes, schools, prisons to provide their people with good nutrition and return their bodies to balance. I'm so happy to see the primary schools returning to having school gardens, growing food and some having kitchens to share their produce.

twenshe twenshe
36-40, F
1 Response Feb 28, 2010

lol, bless you for knowing chocolate is always good for us;)