Bureaucratic Thinking

Bureaucratic Thinking

Since I can remember, and knowing it myself or still not, i'd been quarrelled wih "Bureaucratic Thinking".
Together with "Postmodern Thinking", are concepts, or something seeming like, that are problematic to define, if possible, from ousside them.
And senless to define fom inside.
There are ways to try to avoid the problem.
Better one is to state that to put such words together leads to an unviable contradiction.
So, there is no sense to joint "thinking" with "postmodern" nor with "bureaucratic" in self contradictory expressions, and "that's all folks".

But even if is a true statement (i like it, but is not enough), it's necessary to give a label, a name to pattern behind the heavy ammount of words and forms that torture the human species (in the case of Bureaucracy, at least since 6000 / 8000 years ago).

As "thing" is still difficult to see, I'll use an extreme example I've seen:

There is, somewhere, an association wich gives services to its associates, as in medicine, recreation, travel, assurance, and even in burial and related expenses.
Whenever someone claims for the restitution of such costs, such is accomplished after filling and getting signed a lot of forms.

The very jewell of this and the paradigm (should have wirite ********) of Bureaucratic Thinking is one of theese forms.
At it's foot, asks for the "signature of the dead associate".


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May 23, 2012