I Will Train Again

As I was watching the videos and photos of my former team and their new friends, I can't help but get envy. I used to be their friend, we are like brothers and sisters and to think that I am even the one of the greatest player during my time. Nobody remember me now. They have a new circle of friends. And I'm wondering why? I'm too busy with school and fraternity that's why I quit playing. It's almost four years now, and I want to get back on track. I miss Taekwondo, I miss my good 'ol friends, I miss the heat of competition. I wish I can do it soon. wish me luck guys!
RATM1991 RATM1991
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1 Response May 24, 2012

Good Luck :)

I am going back to TaeKwonDo - inspired by the London2012 Olympics ... dont really want to go back to my old club though as no way near as fit as i was and feel like a quitter for stopping.

Have found another club which is TAGB not WTF... but they will let me resume from the belt level i achieved before, so thats good...

Wow, you commented last year. Sorry, I wasn't able to reply then. Good to hear from a TKD enthusiast. Sad to say, I'm still unfit now and I already lost my strength and flexibility. But I'm starting to revive it again. How's the training going' on?

No worries...

I did not go back to TKD in the end I joined Wing Chin Kung Fu club and it's great... Really the opposite end of the martial art spectrum. I kept putting it off and putting it off. I had been chatting to the kung Fu school instructor and she just said to pop down and have a go... I had nothing to loose...

My fitness and strength are returning along with my general more positive attitude...

Feels great to be training again, you should get back to it asap I think you will be suprised how quickly your fitness returns.

I will be taking the kids to TKD when they ate old enough though, as think it's great start for little ones :)

Drop into a club asap and keep me posted