As a kid, I never had a fascination with tattoos. I just thought they were kind of "icky".

Then I started going through this thing called "life", and I started to realize the things that truly mattered to me.
I wanted to find a way to express my appreciation for these things, and I decided to show my appreciation and emotions through tattoos.

My first tattoo is "Let it be..". To me, it's self explanatory(especially if you've heard the song.). It's something that I truly beleive in, to just let things be, no worry or stress.

My second tattoo is "Love over everything" in Latin. Another thing that I truly believe in too.

I only have two tattoos, but nonetheless, I am addicted! I plan for many more in the near future! My next one is going to be an art form dedicated to my mom and two sisters, whom I love dearly. I'm just not quite sure where I should put it.
bradley20 bradley20
18-21, M
Feb 27, 2012