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My Newest Tattoo

I just thought i'd share my latest tattoo with you all, i have 6 so far, i had a rough time last may where i had an infection due to a previous operation, the surgeons didn't know at the time but i had a small internal bleed, from the surgery, it was bleeding very slowly for almost 6 weeks before i was readmitted to hospital.i had the usual CT and MRI scans but they thought it could be controlled by lots of IV antibiotics,anyway to cut long story short it burst and i had septacemia,i was intubated for almost 2 weeks and all my family were called to my bedside as they thought i would not make it. But somehow i did thanks to the wonderful icu doctors and nurses. So my latest tattoo is a half sleeve of a pheonix climbing from the ashes,which represents me coming so close to death and clawing my way back, still have a way to go yet but at least i'm here !anyway just thought i'd share that with you.
matt268 matt268 41-45, M 3 Responses Jan 17, 2013

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Perfect choice I say! For years i contemplated getting a tattoo but cudnt decide wot to have or where. Couple of years ago i decided on the initials of my 4 kids names on my wrist. Have since wanted another on my other wrist . . . . Feel a bit lobsided lol, but now I cant have one :-( due to being on bloodthinning meds!
I for one is glad your still here Matt :-) x

Great story Matt....I am glad you are here and able to share. Bet that tat is awesome.

Hi Matt.. Im new here... not sure what I am even doing here... except that i dont know what to do with myself... Somehow I ended up here reading your posts... I am so sorry to hear of your pain and back problems... I just lost my husband the day after Christmas... He fought colon cancer for at least 10 yrs of our 14 and a 1/2 yr marriage. I understand about pain meds as he took them all as well... it was so hard to see him struggle with the pain and not be able to help. i took care of him until his last breath... he meant the world to me.. and now reality is setting in and I find myself alone and miserable.. Who on earth will understand what is was like for me? I was doing pretty good at first, but now, I dont know.. I wanna feel alive again. I wanna feel like ME aagin, only I dont know who I am without him.... Well.. just wanted to say hello and tell you that i can understand how frustrated you are with all the surgeries and pain.. I saw that kinda stuff first hand and it is so hard to keep your sense of humor and good spirits... Well so glad you made it thru your close call.. You are Blessed and God must surely have other plans for you... Hope you are feeling better now.. and not so lonely ...