T-girls......there's Something About Them.

Now i must start this off by by  saying that i consider myself a straight young

man, but i do have a desire for beautiful  t-girls.  By this i mean the really beautiful ones.

i have seen some really amazing girls on line, and i have *********** and

fantasized about being   sucked, *******, en ******* on and even having their ***** in my mouth.

I get very hard thinking about it.  this does not make me gay does it.  any comments are welcome

including tips on how i can make this fantasy come true

thePoet thePoet
22-25, M
5 Responses Feb 9, 2010

Guess by the poll, it's not GAY. Go for it and have fun.

It is not gay. And us T-girls appreciate straight men wanting to be with us.

Its not gay its being flexible enough to enjoy another person and their body while sharing a deeply sensual experience. My partner and I often dream of sharing a hot T-girl. Gliding my tongue around her firm breasts, probing her bellybutton, savoring her smooth delicious crotch, finally sliding her **** down my throat and devouring her hot T-***!

it doesn't make you gay... we all fantasize about crazy ****, i know i do. i have those nights when i think about t-girls :D

It doesn't make you gay. My wife wants to meet one also.