Amazing Turn On

ever since the first time i saw a T-girl i was intrigued and somewhat tuned the years went on i found myself more turned on and curious

I am a very big breast lover...seeing that coupled with a hard **** and someone enjoying the both is a huge turn on...

I consider myself very straight man but still something about a T-girl you just have to get excited...

If i were to ever consider crossing the line and be curious about a mans part i think i would be more accepting to do with a T-girl

i visited my family last year and when visiting with my cousin she was showing me her phone pics and messages she had a few pics of T-girls too :)

cwhatuc cwhatuc
31-35, M
8 Responses Feb 10, 2010

That would hurt. Bad idea.

and bite my **** off

cwhatuc: What caused you to marry your wife? She must have been sexually overwhelming or you wuld not have weakened and said yes. By the way, just roll over in bed and shove your penis in her mouth. Maybe that would wake her up.

There's little else apart from being with a t-girl that I can focus on currently. I don't know anyone who feels the same or even have anyone I could talk to about it but it is soooooo thrilling such thoughts! Xx

she is too much of a prude to screw someone else...she wouldnt know how to entangle with others....she thinks sex is gross...i would love to catch her with someone else so i could screw off the thought of her making me go to sexual rehab

Maybe she is screwing somebody else. Thats how I caught my wife.

would love to but she is sooo closed up she should be in a convent

Time to step out then Dear. Bring our beautiful wife too. You can watch us do lesbian things, then the two of us can pleasure you.... kisses..Tabi