Yes, Intriguing.

The Mayans are the subjects of this prophesy now. But is it destruction and apocalypse or is it a different kind of rebirth. The ancient Mayans thought it to be a time of re-birth and not a time of death, they spoke of an end of an age.

Other cultures have this same type of apocalyptic story also: the Hopi, the Egyptians, the Sumarians, the Essenes, the Qero elders of Peru, the Navajo, the Cherokee, the Apache, the Iroquois Confederacy, and even the Aborigines (if I'm not mistaken) and others. For Christians the first was a flood (the Book of Genesis), the second will be fire (the Book of Revelation). Nostrodamus wrote of it. Edgar Cayce wrote of it. 

It is intriguing.

Could it be a(nother) Pole Shift? Land masses shifting? Greater volcanic activity? Could it be something that happens in outer space and not on earth proper, say the death of the sun? Or a meteor passing? Could it be something else entirely different, like a new age of man. Could it be the rebirth of man/humanity and not the planet? The possibilities are endless.

Very intriguing.

Earth has already been through a lot over the millennia it has been here. Mysteries do still exist about not only the earth but the solar system as well.

December 12, 2012 or some other date yet to be.

Guess we'll have to wait and see.


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It's an interesting issue, but personally i don't hold with any of it. It's just like the Y2K idea all over again.

This is a facsinating post Josie. Thank You for sharing. :)

The Mayan calendar runs in 26,000 year cycles.<br />
<br />
26,000 years ago on earth: Neanderthal man died out and Cro Magnon man came to be. No cataclysm though. Remember dinosaurs died out 65 million years ago ... no connection.