Me and my friend Bruno were driving in Florence AZ when we came across this creature if you must. Long Story short..When we were driving in my car at 3:00 in the morning on the dark desolate road near the Prison and military base we saw something that we will never forget. We were casually driving listening to music. Just taking a drive to get away. When we saw this object in the road.. thought nothing of it. It was very dark. We were the only ones on the road for miles!.. until it rose up. It was around 7 feet tall and had a torso. skin color was grayish .. It jumped up and flew up over my car almost hitting us. It has a wing span of about triple my car.. We heard the enormous wings flutter as it flew over us. (had the moon roof open). Me and him don’t scare easily but that night we were pretty scared. We couldn't stop thinking about it for a while! I just can picture it in my head every time it comes up.. When we tell our friends they think that we were on drugs or are just exaggerating. But what we saw that night was explainable.. It seemed to large to be any bird! I know that cranes can have a large wing span but we know what cranes look like and that wasn't one.. It wasn't a damn Bird! We often go out there.. Last weekend when we did I got this crazy weird feeling. I am more afraid of that movie jeeper’s creeper now more than ever. I do believe that there is a heaven and hell and I have came across many ideas.. Maybe some kind of demon as crazy as it sounds lol. Some kind of bird we haven't discovered maybe?.. Or maybe Mothman.. On the same day we saw the creature I logged into my computer and opened Internet explorer and the first thing that popped up on the MSN news was Mothman.. Strange for that to pop up on news huh? Well I studied Mothman and alot of things about that creature were similiar to what me and my friend saw and some of the weird things that happened that night. This was October 2nd and on the same day like on 1979 or something like that an older couple said they saw the same thing On the same exact day we saw it!... Which really freaked me out when I read that. It was also at 3 am and thats when people say some kind of dark presence comes out. Like in the movie Amityville horror and the fourth kind one at 3:15 and the other at 3:33. Believe it or not.. Im a bit of a scepital on that stuff though.

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