I got spanked as a kid, usually pants down and a few swift hand smacks from my mom or dad. It was an impulse thing done out of their frustration, I'm sure. We never got spanked for bad grades and we didn't really have assigned chores so there was no discipline for not doing them. The house was a messy and unorganized most of the time but periodically my mom would explode and we'd all have to clean.
Maybe it's the lack of discipline and structure that made me so intrigued with spanking. My parents stopped spanking when we were around eight or nine which is probably when I started thinking about it. I didn't like being spanked by my parents, but about the time they stopped I began fantasizing about other adults / parents spanking me. I remember the last spanking I got was when my mom caught me peeing in my swim suit. I didn't feel like taking my suit off to go to the bathroom so I just sat on the toilet with it on. My mom was in the bathroom and noticed. She sat on the toilet, pulled me over her lap and spanked with her hand. I was about nine and hadn't been spanked in a long time. It was awkward and I think we both felt a little stupid. I'm sure that was the last one I got.
I was ashamed I felt this way but I couldn't help it. It excited me. I tried to find out if my friends got spanked, and how, without being too obvious. I remember one time a friend and I rode too far on our bikes. I got sent to my room for the rest of the day but she got spanked with a belt by her dad. He was one of those grumpy 70s dads who used (and wore) a thick brown leather belt. Her brother is the one who told me what happened to her. I was dying to find out more but I never asked her.
Every night before I went to sleep I'd make up spanking and punishment scenarios before I fell asleep. Now I am in my 40s and the only way I can have an ****** with a vibrator is if I fantasize about being spanked. I am married to a man who is uncomfortable with spanking. He'll do it in bed but he does it with a rhythm like he's playing bongos. Haha. It's ok, my fantasies are pretty vivid so I do ok without receiving.
I just wanted to share this. I never have before. KD
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I understand how you are feeling and am happy to talk about it more, if you would like to.