Sybian For A Frigid Spouse...

Here is my background story which I am sharing because I am thinking the story is not unique...

My wife is beautiful ... and frigid. She is clinically depressed on a prozac-type medication that is medically proven to depress libido. In addition this last year she had a hysterectomy which put her directly into premature menopause with all the medically-related sexual changes including depressed labido.  Lastly her family history has a background of breast cancer so she is not a candidate for hormone treatments which is the only proven medical treatment for depressed labido in women (despite the huge number of advertisements for products that claim they increase a woman's labido).

Alas I have tried everything to try to stimulate her but she is stoic with no sexual feelings.
The kicker is she is beautiful, someone who naturally looks very sexy with no makeup or needed accessories.
I have found the mind is the sexiness part of the body and my wife's mind just doesn't feel and thus seek *******.

The Symbian gives me hope in that if I can get her to experience it then maybe one ****** will need to multi-******* and then actually seeking *******. My problem is how to introduce a Symbian to her without scaring her with its size and mechanics.
While I figure out time how to introduce the Sybian to her I am saving up money to buy one. I understand there is always the chance that I will buy it and she will refuse to use it but that is a chance I am willing to take....

Of course, if I get a Sybian, I am thinking I could always organize a Sybian club to use and help pay for it!
(reference to "The Sybian Club" book by Selena Kitt I recently posted to this forum).

- BaltimoreBill
BaltimoreBill BaltimoreBill
46-50, M
Aug 14, 2011