Sybian Voyeur

I adore watching a young 20ish woman - a lady - a mature Milf ride the Sybian Sex Machine for pure pleasure!  Who else enjoys the same?
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6 Responses Aug 14, 2011

Ooh, I have rode one before... OMG, it was amazing!!

Oh My! That's absolutely so amazing and so are you! That I would like to see!

The high cost for them is the other reason I have yet to try it. I went to the website that was mentioned below. Interesting. Some day I hope to get to experience it.

They are well worth the money and I would highly recommend buying one "IN2LYNN" although they can get quite pricy. Mine has a lot of features and can be set up in 56 different positions and it cost me $759 plus shipping. good luck and have fun

Thank you so very much for the very helpful info and for the very nice reply as well! It's really good to know that you enjoy the Sybian and highly recommend the same! Nice!

I've always wanted to try it.... haven't bought one myself... but would love to try it out!!!!

I'm not sure the site is still "active"... meaning I don't know if the guy still makes the videos or sells them... but check out<br />
<br />
I used to chat w/ the guy all the time, and got a few of his videos. Awesome amateur stuff w/ women he got to ride a sybian he bought. Really good stuff. <br />
Compared to the HD quality today, it's poor. But hey, it's amateur.

i love it... have enjoyed since the early days of cd-girls.<br />
there's several sites i have collected vids from of girls strapped to the thing til they pass out. amazing stuff