I Love This Machine

Sybian Sex Machine is probably the best gift I can give someone, or get. There is probably a better sex machine. I can have 3 or 4 ******* in a row. The best effect is like playing around with the girlfriend or boyfriend
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16 Responses Jun 8, 2012

Good endorsement - I have one on order now.

Would love to see that..

Do they make, or are there men who have found fun with one? That would be fun to watch....

And yes, would love to experience watching you, assisting, going for four in a row.

i would love to try riding one!

Sounds very pleasurable. I'll have to talk to my wife about the possibility of getting one.

Would lo e to see that.

I bought a f***ing machine after having a Sybian and found that the f machine is slightly better because you can adjust this thing to 56 different positions and it came with 4 different ***** tips to interchange.

What I love about this machine is how it positions you perfectly to suck my **** as iit makes you ***

i would love to enjoy making you ****** several times in a row baby, let me help!

sounds like a great toy. enjoy :)

never saw one but am going to google it, ride on sexy

it looks like great fun.......there are so many sex toys for females i sometimes wish i was born a girl just because you can have some much fun

What a great gift, I bet u enjoy it often !!

Amen to that babygirl! When you don't have the human partner .... the machine can be just as good if not better because they never get tired and just keep giving and they never complain and they are under your complete control. You also never have to play games to try and get laid .... just a couple minutes set-up time and, BAM, you are on your way to orgasmic bliss for as long as you an take it. Added to all that, oyu have the ability to switch sizes and positions and continue on the road to flooding your sex area.

Let's say that I got from a good friend. In the beginning I did not think it was a cool toy. I recommend hot, fun guaranteed.

Wow do you have one?Who gave it to you if you do?