"Sybian Sex Machine"

Excuse me??????   Why is it called "Sybian Sex Machine", believe me it wasn't invented in Syberia.   I have been there a few time and it is so cold there that it would be like stradiling a popsicle.....lol...... 

I am a Russian girl, I am proud of it.   I was introduced to the "Sybian Sex Machine" by a girl friend in Iowa, a state America so to me it will always be the "Iowa sex machine"...lol..  That machine takes the place of any man in the world without putting up with their lies.  I am good I rode it for almost 25 minutes as my friend played with the controls.   Let me just say that it drained me, I lost count of the ******* that I had but by the end of the ride, I was naked while I started the ride with just my panties removed.

Inna Inna
41-45, F
10 Responses May 28, 2009

I have always wanted to see a woman riding that machine

would love to see a video of you on that machine,

miaforfun, gi.........sex with

I have heard about this machine first time.Can you explain how it works and what you do to enjoy it.Is there any insertion inside the vagina?

Both my wife and I rode it and Inna is absolutely right - it is a fantastic experience!

Loved your detailed comment.

I've seen one used before and the girl seemed to be in ecstacy. Very nice to watch

Never experienced one but want to badly

ugh. I just think the idea is.... ugh. riding a machine... <br />
<br />
and yes, I use other sex toys, including vibes... but the idea of this thing just leaves me..... <br />
<br />

It's named after 'sybarites' not Syberia, but I think your Iowa name for it is funny :P<br />
<br />
I'm glad I was able to convince my wife that spending $1300 on a sex machine was worth it. We're both very happy with it and miss it. It will have to wait for a few more months since my wife's due date is July 25th.