I Finally Took The Plunge!

After years of seeing this machine that just drives women wild around the net I finally decided to take the plunge and invest in one with all the available trimmings! I'm single and enjoy multiple sex partners on an open basis. Lets just say I have made the friends with benifits thing work. So anyway just got it a few days ago so I'm anxious to see how the ladies respond to it. hopefully its worth the investment. It seems to be very well built and in theory looks like it will do as advertised and rock a womans world. I have had one woman use it and she loved it except she has back problems and had a tough time getting a good position. In the end she did have multiple ******* and worked up a good sweat riding it. Also it enhanced our sex after and she commented it made it easier for her to multiple with intercourse. So we will see and I'll keep you posted on how it goes. I'm excited as hell because one of my absolute things to enjoy is a woman pleasing herself. I also invested in the venus 2000 and guys these folks have pulled it off! They have literally invented a machine that will suck your **** like a woman and give you mind blowing ******* to boot. So you can be having fun while your lady is enjoying the sybian! Or when you just want a quickie when she isnt around. I kind of was concerned about the thought about these machines replacing human touch but i've found them to be an inhancement rather than a threat. And the venus is a good excercise in keeping penis health or helping with ED. Bottom line these two machines are awesome and I recomend them to anybody that can drop that kind of coin on sex toyz do it! They have been a huge plus to my toy box for sure! Any of you folks who have had experiences please feel free to tell me about them and any ways to make it more pleasurable too!

magicwolf magicwolf
51-55, M
Dec 23, 2009