When You Are of Little Use....

Humans tend to look at everything from its utility point of view. Every single entity that we come across is attached a value. The value may not be monetary. In fact, it may not even be perceived as value. Most would use the term significance rather than value to describe it. If we look at things closely, there doesn't see to be anything that hasn't been left untouched by the valuation process. Whether it's the sand that we walk on, or the relations that we hold close to our hearts. Even God is weighed and valued. Only those entities that are useful; survive. Rest everything is allowed to just rot away. It doesn't matter if it dies and becomes extinct. It doesn't matter if it is not recorded by history. It doesn't matter if it's memories are erased. Everything that has lost its value in the eyes of the men looking at it must go. That is the unwritten law of this world.

This is seen in the way human relations work. No relation follows a straight curve. Most relations peak up initially only to gradually decay as the two individuals get to know each other. It is, perhaps, just the initial curiosity that fuels the fire of high expectations. But the value of the other person and the relation usually drops with time. In most normal cases, neither of the two individuals undergo any drastic change in behavioral patterns. They usually remain close to what they were before meeting each other, But the value of the relation does not follow the same pattern. It tends to drop with time. The initial sparks of love and affection cannot sustain a relation. Every relation needs to be nurtured every single day, every single time one gets an opportunity to do so. It is so important to restart the relation every single day. To reinvent things that the other person loves about you. To constantly tweak the mechanics of touch. It is only this way that a relation can be kept healthy.

A relation that stagnates will soon die because a relations value is in its ability to evolve.

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3 Responses Mar 2, 2009

This was really deep...and really true. I have always felt disgusted by how people can really focus on making every little thing worthwhile so the novelty of it can't wear off. And when it does, it's seen as permanently useless, even when it shouldn't be. <br />
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You make some truly valid points, especially about relationships.

Thought-provoking and very true....

"It is, perhaps, just the initial curiosity that fuels the fire of high expectations"<br />
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well written bacha:)