I Can't Find The Career That's Right For Me. Need Advice From Other Introverts!

I have suffered from anxiety and depression, which has decreased my confidence and motivation throughout the years. I feel very unemployable because I have little to no work or volunteer experience and I have done most of my high schooling online. I should have graduated last year, and I’ll be lucky if I can graduate by the end of this school year. My problem, is what will I do after school?

Right now, I am stuck not being able to work because I live away from jobs and have no transportation. I am socially awkward, and not really motivated to do anything in the conditions I am compelled to withstand. There really isn’t much I can do, in other words.

For those reasons, I want to go to college to gain freedom and actually start living my life. But, I feel like I’m not ready for that – socially, academically and mentally. Plus, here is where my greater dilemma lies.

My passion and personality pulls me in one direction that is financially unstable, and would be more challenging to succeed within Canada’s economy. Although, I would have greater motivation and increased happiness from a flexible career I love.
(A Creative Writer – novels, poetry, short stories. I don’t want to be a journalist or technical writer.)

My skills push me in another direction that will obliged me to study towards subjects that do not at all interest me and will submit me to the typical 9-5 schedule that I am not looking forward to. Although, I would have financial stability and be less challenged to find positions.
(A Executive Administration Assistant – stupid math and constant organization of someone else’s work life)

I want a career that I can look forward to every morning when I wake up, and that can bring me personal achievement. I want to gain something from what I do. I don’t want to have to learn numerous subjects that I hate when I already can’t handle the typical classroom learning experience.

I have taken many career assessments that point me in the direction of math and science related careers when I prefer the arts and language.

Even if I were to get a workplace job while I pursued part-time education, I don’t know for sure if I’d ever get published and I don’t want to be stuck living pay check to pay check. I want to be able to support my children when I have a family and be able to send them to college or university if that's what they want.

I really hate how there are very limited careers available to introverts. There's all this pressure on me to make the right decision and I don't know what that is because I seemed screwed with each of option I could choose! I don't want to end up living with mom the rest of my life. If you're an introvert, what work do you do? What advice can you give me?

Thanks. Inbox me if you prefer.
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It sounds like you do have a wonderful ability to the technical stuff. I can understand where the desires and passions are leading you too. It does seem that those most happy in their career choice is the ones who have found a way to blend the 2. In some people they do over lap, but not many I have found. I know many who do not know where their true passion is also.<br />
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Go ahead and apply to college in a Ats and Science degree program, but enter undecided. If you find a university big enough to have a number of Schools that are respected (Literature, scientific R&D, etc.) you can get a taste of what each of those career areas are. After 2 yrs studying the general subjects needed for any degree, decide what path you want to pursue. <br />
<br />
There is never a rush to decide before hand what you are really going to enjoy. Feel free to PM if you want to chat more.<br />
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May this year be a wonderful and rewarding year for you! Keep having FUN too!


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ha..there better be some alcohol within my college experience...

You may be an introvert now, but that may change. When you go to college, you'll have a chance to be with more people like yourself. I know you may not believe me, but you should take up running. It's solitary, it helps tone you muscles, and as you add mileage you increase your confidence. No one is suggesting a marathon. You’re looking at the big (ok, giant) picture and freaking a little. Small steps. Tonight's homework. Tomorrow’s test. While you do your best on the near targets, your career just may find you. <br />
As you go to college, be careful of alcohol. If you're not used to it, you may end up doing things you don't really want to do.

As for interviews and/or feeling like you are going to passout when you are the center of attention... Join Toast Masters... It's live altering... www.toastmasters.org<br />
<br />
It's $50 for 6 months and you can go whenever... Good luck in your future endeavors!

IT (Information Technology, aka computer work)... If you like art, then do something more specific like Web Design.

You are young and you deserve to have the job of your dreams. You want to provide for a family at some point and also the income to have choices in life. Go for the education within the discipline that: 1 you can tolerate and 2 that provides the best income. Use your sensible job as the 'fuel' to get you to the career you want in writing. Your creative side will benefit from the experiences you will have and certainly not suffer. And you know that writters write, write, write. Nothing can stop a writer writing (barring writer's block) no matter how little time or money.