So, the head honcho at my place of employment sent out a memo today telling us that she wants us to eat our lunches in the cafeteria. Her reasoning: we need to socialize with each other.

As an introvert, I'm rather annoyed with this demand for us to socialize on our unpaid lunch break.

We are forced to interact with co-workers and patients all day in the hospital setting. Shouldn't our break be our own to do with what we choose?

What are your thoughts? (Introverts only, please.)
Blueastral Blueastral
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1 Response Jan 16, 2013

Wow, your boss is a micro-managing jerk too! The cafeteria is one of those places that I've always avoided -- back in high school and in my present job. I like to eat at my locker b/c it's quiet and I find eating in public a very stressful, uncomfortable experience. In fact I avoid restaurants like the plague (I've only eaten at them 4 times in my entire life & that was b/c I was forced to). Do you have Social Anxiety Disorder? I've looked at some websites and I have almost ALL the symptoms. Perhaps you can get a doctor's note to exempt you from this torture. Or failing that, go to Human Resources and see if this boss is legally allowed to do what she's doing. If you can prove that your job performance hasn't suffered, I don't see how your boss can justify what she's doing.

I know exactly what it feels like to be at the mercy of these loud-mouthed, noisy, extroverts. They simply do not understand how painful it is to be socially awkward. Personally I can't stand these obnoxious chatterboxes. They talk & talk & talk and say nothing. Their only concern is being the center of attention.

She can't force us, so I still eat in my office or breakroom. Sometimes I eat in the cafeteria. I do have a little social anxiety, but it comes from how difficult it is for me to hold a conversation and not meeting the expectations that I imagine others are imposing on me. I'm not afraid to talk, it's just very hard for me to small talk with people. I literally don't know what to say.