What Me Shy?

    Its not that I'm shy, I just don't trust anyone that easily. Alright I may get niave but I don't tell my life story just to anyone.  I find no need, and maybe thats my problem. I do love to write and thank goodness I found this site here.

    When I go to a party, I am not the life of the circle, I'm the one who brings in the delicious  home made Lumpia (Filipino Eggrolls). Everyone looks forward to what i bring and thats really all I need. I step back into the background, wondering what I can do to help out. Oh please not the dishes, anything but that.  But i just sit there, sometimes watching my daughter or eating more food. you could never get enough food.  And I leave early. I do enjoy other peoples company, but I recently found out that I just need one or maybe two people when I go out. not a whole 40 people. Am i weird?

    In the summer I look forward to relaxing by heading out towards the river. I jump into my waders and find a spot to catch some trout. This is more like it, no need to talk, only gesture at what the other person is doing or just missed.  There's the silent yet understandable sport for many guys.  I don't need a friend, but sometimes its just nice to share a silent event. Maybe I should get a dog, but then he can't fish.

    I love to stay at home in the winter time, and when that heat comes forward, i find isolated activities. So does this mean I am introvert?

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3 Responses Mar 7, 2009

I think there are many people that enjoy alone time, just like many people enjoy people. And I miss the city sometimes, because I could go out, and be around people without actually having to talk to anyone. Like hanging out in a coffee shop whilst reading a book. I then wasn't 'alone' but I wasn't with people. I enjoy small groups too, I usually have a smallish group of friends, like around 4 or 5 what I would consider 'good' friends and with life and schedules, I usually end up doing things with only one other friend or maybe two of them at a time. It works out.

No not at all, i agree with the fact that I find peace in things that doesn't talk back. So yes nature is one big part of my a lone time, plus at work I only get to work with a few close people not hundreds in a building. So how about you?

you are definitely not weird... you are bit similar to me. Slightly introverted, but not avoiding company... but prefer to spend time by yourself or only with few people... sometimes you like to have fun with good friends, but then you need to spend some time alone, relaxing.. in your case in nature... am I too far from the truth? :)