Yes I am introverted... And to be honest, I really do love it. I don't know if it's only me but compared to everyone else I feel like I know myself way better. All of the people around me chase drama like it's a drug, they need more and more. Then there's me, no matter how difficult my life is, it's under control.

But the only thing I've ever had a problem with is friends. Yeah I've got the crowd of people that I hang out with and I sit on the sidelines, always feeling like the odd one out. Never adding in a word. Maybe once in awhile when I finally think quick enough to add something in and someone doesn't talk before me. Cause God knows I won't be interrupting. Point being, I've ways felt out of place. The one who actually just wants to be alone at the lunch table, watching others as they go along in their talkative world. But everyone would look at me thinking, oh she must feel so lonely sitting there. I must go talk to her.... Okay now I'm just going on about that but really all I want is a really good friend that is also an introvert so we can just enjoy life being introverts. Maybe paint together, draw, dance. Anything but, let's go out and party. I very much enjoy being alone but I do get lonely and I ignore my extrovert friends too much to actually have a good relationship with them. And then Its hard for me to just walk up to someone and have a conversation. It's also hard cause I don't want it to be a guy. Because when it's a guy it's a good chance he'll start to get a little to friendly. I can easily talk to guys. But girls has always been the challenge. A good percent of them are dramatic and seem to always be extroverted. It's all I truly want right now. A girl that I can be friends with who is an introvert like me.... Does anyone else feel this way? I'm sure other people do, 1/3 of the population are introverts.
JohnnyCasshh JohnnyCasshh
18-21, F
Aug 29, 2014