Shamman Night Before Easter 2006

 It was the night before easter and me and my friends in high school decided we were going to do some psilopcybin mushrooms on the night before easter. it was me Ryan* my friend charlie* my friend jake* my friend Brad* . me and charlie start talking , charlie is one of those very down to fact kind of characters , no magic all logic , very smart intellectually and could school people on stuff even when hes a drunk high school kid , i still speak with him to this day . But back to the story for christ sake ....haha me and charlie start discussing easter and how i was going to my grandmas the day after our little mushroom trip . he says" **** easter fool" and I stand up and stick up for jesus kinda in a joking but real way . he says there is no magical carpenter thats gunna come down and make the world a better place . mind u this is before we take the mushrooms so during this descussion the tones have already been set for the onset to happen like it did . after this religious drunken friend fighting we take the mushrooms ,  about an 8th each . 

   when the onset starts to occur we watch a little bit of the movie the sixth day with arnold swarsenager , if you havnt done pshychadelics i dont recomend watching the sixth day hahaha back to the real story . the movie becomes to bonkers for me and i wanna go out into my friends garden in his little back yard . my friend jake joins me and so does charlie, we go out into the garden  and notice that the stars seemed to be dancing around us and the moons light would toy with my head . me and my friends start talking very philosophical , different views but all noble and profound . they go back inside .

I sit in the garden by myself and I feel a presence in the chair accross from me where my friend had sat . didnt see the precence but felt it inside . the presence speaks within my head announcing he is all that is and will ever be with a calm and collective voice . i feel another presence to . a very enlightend one standing next to the first presence but not much for talking but it seemd as tho him and the first presence wer almost connected  . then the third presence who was all around and manipulated him self with the shadows and the moon light . the first presence i beleive was God the second presence i beleive was jesus or buddah . I told the all knowing presence in front of me that i had been seeing a third presence that manipulates himself and makes things look frightning . for instance earlier when the moon would come through the trees and shine on my friends face , his face would turn demonic and frightning .

I told the presence this and he said its just the devil trying to **** with you . God started talking like a friend . it felt like ive known him and it was emotianal . he said no one is wrong , no religoun is right its all about living and doing what you know in your heart is right . He said extraterrestrials exist but didnt get into much detail other then creators get bored and do other things , wer not his only peices out there.  Last question I asked him and the most important one to me was this . i ask " since you have told me this ,should i go out and change the world ? should i preach this ? should i do something radical ? he said "Ryan all you need to do is go out and LIVE "

had closed eye hallucinations or visions of mayan type calenders spining and unlocking in a perfection making a golden portal  . god made it seem like the bible is your story and this was my revelation . My friends wer all done tripping and i was still out side talking to the invisible presence . I asked soo much but forgot alot . wish I would have recorded it .

My brother calls me two weeks after that telling me about an insain mushroom trip he had the night before easter , all about the same things . GOD , JESUS , the devil but not seeing them just feeling this knowing intunement with him . reveal yourself to yourself n
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that is beautiful. i am quoting what the all-knowing presence said. :)<br />
thank u so much for sharing.<br />
<br />
...i wish u still got on often. i would have loved to talk with u! lol.