I get a basic vibe off most people in 20 seconds of face-to-face conversation.  Sometimes it's a vibe like "this person wears a thick mask, but wants desperately to be close to someone" or "this person is a user and a taker" or sometimes just "this person hides in plain sight... and I'm not going to be able to get more specific because they're very good at hiding their heart."  Every once in a while, I get the rare vibe of "this is a real person, and not someone who's full of ****." My vibes are general enough that they're almost never very far from the truth.

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Agreed - I'm curious what kind of people give you creepy vibes.

I can't say why you get your vibes, nor can I be sure where my vibes come from - but my (very strong) guess as to where mine come from (maybe yours too) is that after spending my life with malignant narcissists ( who trained me to dedicate my existence to them, I learned to pick up on the subtle bits of body language and voice tones that people use. Malignant narcissists MUST appear to need nothing from anyone, and yet they're pretty much children who want to be served - so the perfect servant is someone who takes care of their needs without having to be asked.<br />
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It's good that you get a creepy vibe, and that you trust it to guide you away from dangerous people. I never used to get vibes like that. This was because I was delusionally incapable of seeing narcissism (since seeing it would have tipped me off to my mom's evil nature), but these days I do get a similar (I'm not sure it's the same) vibe off of certain people - like the person at work that I blogged about, though he's probably not a narcissist.<br />
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When you talk about your vibes, I recommend talking about them in terms of intuition and body language - the way we fr<x>ame things makes all the difference.