People are talking about me behind my back and don't realize that I still can hear them.
They try to whisper in front of me, or doing some kind of body language and think that I won't hear or see that.
They make decisions without me, they interrupt me when I'm in a conversation or they don't listen to me when I say something.
Or I feel like the fifth wheel. They don't realize that they maybe hurt me.

All that is nothing new to me but I never thought that a family member is doing that.

It was last year, me and some others of my family had met us at my aunt's house.
She was talking with my father about me and he told her something I have done in the past.
All she said was "Oh, so he's not the dumbass who I thought he is!" and that wasn't mentioned as a joke, not even my father reacted on that.
But I wasn't really shocked about that because I know that the whole family thinks that I'm some kind of disabled
because I'm not like my "brother".
Turkelton Turkelton 22-25, M May 14, 2012

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