To Most

Maybe it's because I don't say much, or maybe people don't acknowledge what makes them uncomfortable. Oftentimes I can amble about unnoticed to most people. Maybe I've got a rotten aura. Schoolmates comment on my silence sometimes, or when asked who is absent spew my name when I am right in front of them. People ask things like 'weren't you just over there? How'd you do that?' When I merely walked past them. I can write this story and never get a comment because it will strike everyone as nothing extraordinary. But I am used to it and it's easier to avoid annoying peers if they don't notice you.

WarrenTheWordsmith WarrenTheWordsmith
5 Responses Jul 18, 2008

I feel the same way.

its kind of funny the quite people used to scare not its like you people are just human ..and shy ..or really dont wanna be bother'd most of the time mebby you want to me unnoticed?ah?

I totally know what your saying. I've gotten so used to being invisible I actually almost like it, sometimes it still helps to know that there are people who know your alive.

That's a relief. :D

I can see you, you are not invisible to everyone! xxx