I Am Most Invisible To The People I Love

I love going to school, not mainly because of the things you learn but also because of the family you have there, the ones that you love, the ones that love you back. Friends in school are like brothers and sisters, the ones I never have at home......because at home, I AM INVISIBLE. My mother sees me differently, she doesn't understand me or even try to. My sister would be around my aunt, whom I treated more as my mother than my REAL mother they would have fun without even asking me if I wanted to join; they would just pass by me and enjoy life and each others company. I AM INVISIBLE, more invisible than the wind; the wind is not completely invisible, for it can be felt and heard...but I CAN'T. I AM INVISIBLE, a person who tries to be helpful, perfect, the best, and yet no one at home sees me. My REAL family, my "blood-line", the people I SHOULD be loving the most, the people I am with almost every single day of my life...and yet, I AM INVISIBLE to them. I sometimes wish my friends in school and I can just live in one house, sometimes I don't want to come home, because I am scared to be INVISIBLE again. In short....I am hurt and SICK OF BEING INVISIBLE! 

mentosberryblast mentosberryblast
13-15, M
Mar 5, 2010