It Doesn't Work

If you go to my circle and who's on line now.


It also shows all the members with an Invisible status.


Not everything is perfect in EP land.

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18 Responses Mar 5, 2010

Pix you couldn't hide if you wanted to.

i'm sure there aren't many BG. :)

Never went invisible myself. I'm sure there are some on here who wouldn't mind if I was. lol

no it's showing you on here. hi you sweet thing?

Is it showing me as invisible? If so, I didn't turn it on :-(

If we are nutz, i'm sure we are not the only nutz. lol

Yes, I've noticed that too...who's everyone hiding from? LOL!!!! I don't go invisible...when I'm here, I'm here.... period....

i didn't see you on there. oh well. i was wrong AGAIN. LOL

your not on line now. no let me look at my circle who's on line.

ok, i will look at my friends on line first.

sure, tell me more. lol

i don't believe you can see your self, but if your invisible and i did it i could more then likely see you on line.

now they have two nuts. lol

maybe, it shows me to the left side of the screen friends on line now. but when you look for them through your circle it shows many more.

someone said that again ,hmmm...maybe u r right..

That's not good..LOL<br />
<br />
If they have that option...Then no one should be able to see you,when you're umm hiding ;)

Omg! Does it really!?? Dammit! I guess you have to be a ep member to be able to "see" all the people in invisible mode.....whahaha! I'm on it!...I'm hiding .....=)

maybe i'm wrong mother, but i'm never wrong. lol only 75% of the time.