No One Remembers Me

When my friends started joining Facebook, they encouraged me to join, too. However, while they were getting friend after friend request--I wasn't receiving any. Many of the people who were "friending" my friends were people who had known me, too. I have not gotten a single friend request. Often, when I see people I used to know, they don't even bother to say hello...or act as if they remember me.

I've managed to go through life leaving nothing behind.

I grew up in an abusive world where being invisible meant survival. My mother used to say that I knew how to, "Melt around people like butter."

I'm lonely and sad now...I have no idea how to be different.

Giula Giula
41-45, F
4 Responses Mar 6, 2010

I've googled myself, my maiden name, everything. There's nothing about me AND... Its always just factual public info mostly. No associations, no one has looked for me, I have no one to call, no one to stay up late and just talk about whatever. No one checks up on me unless they need something from me. And that's rare. I've made no footprint, no impact, no lasting friend will be there with me over the years. I prefer to be alone but am cringing with loneliness...
But your post touched me. I get it. I'm here. I'll remember you as the first who I related with on this. Maybe we are not alone :)

It's alright, I'm so invisible that when I start talking to someone (that is if they even realize i'm talking to them) they jump in the air, and accuse me of scaring them. Then they tell me how bad of a person I am for doing so. I asked this lady for the time once, I guess she didn't hear me behind her, I wasn't trying to be silent or anything, and she jumped around, her hand on her heart, and told me how I almost gave her a heart attack.

That story was so unexpected it really made me laugh! I guess reading these stories of other people going through the same thing is the best therapy!

Remember you are not the only one. When you feel a lone you are not. Thousands are going through the same thing you are. How do I know because I'm the same way not over facebook. Just no one remembers me. Not my name or what I do. But honestly everyone cares about themselves first any ways. Any one that says differently is lieing.

Dont let FB bother you the people that have hundreds of friends are friending everyone just to get their numbers up. If you see someone you know on there send them the friend request. They may not want to make the first move, you do it. they will accept the request. Then update your status and comment on theres.