Fearlessly Flirtatious

There is someone who has been an acquaintance of mine, actually married to a family member.  We have determined that we have a mutual attraction to each other.  It has been increasingly hard to hide this fact.  His wife is beautiful, my significant other is also a handsome man.  I have never thought of myself as anything special, although I know he knows he is beyond HOT.  Every ounce of his muscular body drips seduction and desire.  His face is perfect.  He is everything that I would have wanted as a young adult, in a mate for life.  However, I have been involved in my relationship for 16 years and he in his for 12 years and we have known each other for 12 years.  We sneak looks at each other, there is longing and yearning that is blatantly obvious to each other, but no one else.  He says I drive him crazy with my glances, that I give him F*** me eyes.  I say I'm just scoping out something I may want to test drive in the future.  LOL  I've repeatedly told him, nothing could ever happen between us and I guess he's accepted it by now, but I don't think he's going to stop with his cute little advances and dirty thoughts.  I will continue to fantasize about him, even as he sits before me.  The last time we parted, he waited for all other eyes to be averted and he held my right hand in his left, and used his right hand to caress my neck slowly up to cradle my face and he told me he missed me.  I nearly died.  He leaned in to kiss me, panic set in and I turned my face to the left.  His lips were slightly parted and his tongue tickled the corner of my mouth.  It was a delicious moment for me that I continue to relive as I lay beside someone who has taken me for granted almost 13 years.

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2 Responses Mar 15, 2009

AH - I was just reunited with an ex - let me tell you, I know how you feel..... :-)

Oh dear why cannot you fullfill your desire.The story feels very hot.You may get so many chances,use them and shag him.And let us know.