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After talking to Pat Wilson I was able to identify what you were looking for.

Brazen attitude I ask my self what short of attitude should I have when a woman I choose to help serve Jehovah lies about her aduterous affair tries to imprison me for custody, uses methods that I was falsely accused of molested my daughters .

The restraining order she obtained was based on lies and charges she filed were also lies if you would of have listen to both side of story perhaps you have made a different decision.I’m well aware that Jehovah uses imperfect men and just as the governing body has made errors we all make errors in or judgment.

Your looking for a humble attitude for a judgment in error that you don’t care to discuss our feel you need to discuses as you have evaluated my attitude I have evaluated your attitude I was willing to discuss my feeling and opinion right or wrong. You however did not feel because you are elders and dont  have to explain your self . I was open and honest and under traumatic circumstances but you feel I’m not humble.

I’m aware of my short come and the anger I have for anyone that takes my son away based on lies is something you refuse to understand and you sided with her in doing so she lied to do that and you supported her. If she was right in doing that I would have corrected any behavior I needed to be a father that Jehovah would of approve of. How can I be a father based on lies again I need your insight to help me understand/

I did not rebel against your authority but disagree with your opinion. I did not turn against Jehovah organization but put up with what I see as a gross injustice. I have read of many circumstance were people have felt mistreated and turned apostate. They may have had valid reasons. I’m aware of the short comings of the organization and how they white wash there mistakes but this is Jehovah organization. Just like David who made many errors Jehovah used him.

The one thing I feel I may have done wrong is not rely on Jehovah and if expressing my feeling to you, is wrong I sorry. However I don’t fell that i could ever  trust elders again after how one sided you are. You made a conclusion with out hearing my side. I’m more than willing to discuss the matter.

I’m not trying to change what I feel is wrong I expect Jehovah to correct any error when he sees fit. I do not have a brazen attitude toward authority but anger against injustice It is not my position to rebel against Jehovah organization. And I will wait on Jehovah to correct the matter. I may have been wrong in expressing my feeling I not sure how Jehovah wants one to act when an injustice has incurred by his servant and he blesses one side. Job himself espressed his indignation toward injustice.

Let me recap its not what I did, but what my attitude is.

What should my attitude be to a gross injustice. What was Jesus’ attitude toward gross injustice by religous leaders. What is the society’s attitude toward gross injustice by reliquios leaders. All I can say is if expressing my feelings to a gross injustice is wrong I'm sorry I did not violate any order of the court
you listned to one side how can I say Im sorry for that.

Please explain what attitude should I have toward gross injustice. I’m more than willing to listen.

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This is yet another tragic story, not only of false accusations but of spiritual abuse.<br />
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Please, go to There's help there.