Im Iranian Arab

i am peurtorican, dominican, spaniard and iranian-arab, i love all my culture, and my iranian arab famil has been living in iran for like 90 year but are origionally from iraq, and aside from that i am mixed with hispanic, but i speak some farsi and arabic, will iranians and arabs accept me? :)
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4 Responses Jan 20, 2013

i'm iranian . you are multicultural and i like it! i like to be friend with you! if you want , please send me message or contact me via "". :)

our family has heritage in iraq too,
I am born and raised in england and i only speak English :(

Hi Emilie97. I'm Iranian and I'm interested in friendship through social networks, preferably facebook. You may see me at "". See you there ...

Of course we do.
i'm an Iranian! we can be friends if you want. :-)

yes.. may i add u in skype , yahoo or anything you use? i tried to add you here but i could not.
my e-mail and yahoo ID is :