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  Hi 2  everyone, I am here in England, I was born in northern  Ireland  2 a big irish family of  11.We r  researching my family tree, and i believe that i have lots of family  in that fantastic lyplace they call America.  my mother was born in Tipperary ireland  and the family name is Loftus.hope 2 find out more.  I am so proud 2 call myself Irish. update 2 my story. I have lots of family in Scotland, that wonderful  land  and the friendly people, but I will keep searching for  family in America.

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Thank you 4 your advice. I wil have a look on that web site. I am so proud to b Irish we have <br />
a great family. so you have the wonderful Irish blood running .through your veins. I was born in Lisburn co Antrim. Then I got married and left, but I still go home every year 2 c the rest of my family. Well thank you again. hope to hear how u r getting on researching your family.Pam

Have you tried Rootsweb? They've got some good tools to use for free before you spend a lot on other services. It may or may not be good solid research, but the research that is good, is documented very well. You can start by googling rootsweb and then they have an intro. Simple plugging in of names and following leads that match what you know. I am still lost in County Antrim, but am flourishing in finding kentish and wexfordians. We've got the likes of Joice in Wexford; McCormick in Antrim (tho I swear my grandad had pointed lower on the map and the Scots want a crack at being in there too). But it is a fun site with much to play with -- I even made a fake connection to impress my son-in-law, but that was in jest. Enjoy.