Nobody Will Believe What Is Happening In My Life.

Here we go.Id like 2 ask readers 2 try 2 keep an open mind +not dismiss what i claim(+know)is happening in my life as just another loonytoon.i cant.i cant do so tired of telling people whats being done 2 me+seeing or reading the disbelief.i really,really need a good friend or 2,people who would appreciate the good i have +am so proud 2 have retained through my life.who is going 2 believe me if i say im harassed nearly all day,every day,week in,week out,+its been going on 4 around 6yrs now?i know how it would read 2 myself,-like the demented ravings of a paranoid delusional man.yet i swear its true+nothing 2 do with imagination or paranoia.i dont accept im insane,but i feel like either i am,or im telling the truth accurately.answer me this-at what point do u stop thinking events r coincidence,unconnected,when from sheer volumn of oddness common sense screams at u "how can i deny 2 myself this is real?nobody ive ever spoken 2 has any dealings or similar experience 2 what i am undergoing.theres billions of humans on this world,+i cant find 1 who knows what im saying is being done against me,+some of it i CAN prove.something evil has taken an interest in me+it has no intention of letting hates me+wants 2 see me broken,all good destroyed.does thinking this way instantly make me insane?so many lies (told by those working in positions of trust,who are meant 2 be stopping the very thing they protect+encourage)by people who should be ashamed aty their can humans treat human this way?i couldnt do 2 others what is being done 2 me,+it is evil.i dont know if any1 will read this +want 2 know more,but i feel,believed or not ,at least its been put up there+if some1 else ever goes thru it ,they just might stumble cross this+know they arent,i am alone,+under siege by never ends,its there when i awaken 2 when i go 2 sleep.anybody got a clue what im talking of?i couldnt send this 2 any1 who knows me,i dont know anybody i can tell+trust about it.ive never felt so totally,totally alone.

pedrohedgerow pedrohedgerow
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Keep your head up partner :)

Hi Pedro, I'm inviting you to read the experiences I've put on my group (I am curious about mobbing and gangstalking) you have a lot of supporters and people reaching out to you when compared to me. Like you I wish that my real-life experiences would be really listened to. We have to be bigger hearted than the pain though, we have keep writing because sooner or later people will start to get it. I was looking at Eleanor Whites info and their seems to be an escalation in mult-stalker crimes, so eventually people will tacitly understand it. You are blazing the trail for the future torts and trials that will surely come enmasse to change or end this kind of harassment.<br />
PS was wondering why this is under the 'I'm Irish' group :) I'm a lil Irish myself. Obama is more Irish than I am, but still...

Hi ped <br />
I know how you feel my own family can,t help me they find it hard to believe these scumbags could want to do this every day but believe me most are getting something out of it money jobs drugs all i can say is plod on as best you can .<br />

i do know what you mean,i just dont have the energy at the moment to get into it.its really late or eary whichever.i will tell more later.hang in there man,you are not alone .

Pedro this story is not the rational you.I would delete it,you know I support you however on this one occasion this is not backed up by reason,sorry to be harsh because I feel I understand the real Pedro and this is not he.