I Wish I Was 100% Irish!

My Dad's family come from Ireland and I've got more Irish in me then anything else...
But I wish soooo much I was 100% Irish!!
I've told everyone that if I ever need to be re-taught how to speak, I want an Irish person to do it!
And I'm moving over there when I qualify..
Step by step I'm turning myself 100% Irish!
willrock4food willrock4food
18-21, F
6 Responses Jul 20, 2010

I use to really like the Irish, sense of humour etc, but I then I met a Irish ,lets call her girl, who came to work in Australia and ended up being my supervisor. I would describe her as a psychopathic in nature, power hungry, two faced and a real bloody.........., everyone was either scared of her or hated her. To cut a long story short she pushed and abused me to the point of no return, I ended up bringing in the union etc and happily telling her to go F.....herself. Which did feel good, put I would have preferred to punch her in the neck. The second Irish person I met was my ex who was a **** head, but that could have been his German side coming through. Use to tell me that the 2nd ww never happened. But generally Irish people I have met seemed ok but I guess my persepective has been jadded with a few bad seeds. Prefer to keep away these days.

if you were from ireland you'd realise that the dublin accent is the most unpopular and annoying one to listen to. the only way u can be irish is if you were born in ireland. It sounds like i'm being a **** but thats wat dubs are

Dublin accent!! <3

What kinda irish accent? country, city or where? :)

Ah yes I certainly am! I'm going to do my best to pick up an Irish accent :)

Wish I could go along. Beautiful Isle and Beautful People.