Regret Remorse And Shame

Here it is Ive been dating this girl for a few months now and she left for boot camp about a month ago, then come to find out I leave for bootcamp just before she comes home So I am going to end up not seeing her for 6 months. Anyways I ended up meeting an old friend I hadnt seen in a while about a week ago, she had just found my phone number again and said that she wanted to hang out, to say hi and just see each other again (My impression was that we were meeting just as friends nothing more) well obviously she had more in mind things got a little steamy and we ended up making out. I regret this more than anything, I love my girlfriend and shes been my best friend for a while now. I need any advice or stories or anything to help me figure out what to do I know I messed up I know ive done her wrong and I know that I am a dirtbag you dont need to tell me that just please help me. Not for my sake but for hers because I know this will break her heart and Ill do anything to make this better. I dont want to lose her either..
DrHyde DrHyde
18-21, M
Aug 5, 2010