Marijuana Party

So I was going to my friends bday party. I'm 14 and that was my first time actually getting high. I was one of the few ppl to arrive early. Me and my friend G went there together and our friend J was already there, as well as so e other ppl I didn't know. A little bit later two guys from school showed up. One of them brought a pipe and we all sat in a circle and lit up. J had to teach me how to work the thing. After my second hit I asked if I should take my contacts out and B said yes. So I got up and that's when it hit me. I mainly focused on getting to the closet where my stuff was. When I was in there I just sat on the floor looking around and trippin out. I was tryina get used to the new feeling. I was just sitting there like an idiot laughing my *** off, shaking my head and covering my face. I kept telling myself I was gonna spend the rest of the night in that closet, and I really didn't mind. Then G walks in and she's like wtf are you doin? So I look up at her and I'm like I'm high bro I'm ******* high! I still couldn't get over that fact. Well she got me outta the closet and we went and chilled with J as more ppl arrived. J ended up passing out on the toilet pretty early into the party and everyone there crowded around the bathroom to look at her. It was pretty funny. Then well I don't remember much cept I had my happy *** either sitting and munching on chips and drinking beer or outside on the balcony running around the apartment. There was a moment where I looked at this painting F's mom had drawn on the wall and I thought it was a pig with a rainbow Afro. Well ppl came and left. F's mom apparently came in durig the party, grabbed a beer and said happy bday. I didn't actually see her when it happened buy my friends told me. Well anyway if you had just walked into the party you probly woulda thought it was whack as **** cuz everyone was just sitting around not doing anything. But for us, we were having a ******* blast. Everyone was stoned. There was a moment when the music stopped and no one knew how to hook up the other ipod cuz they couldn't find the cord. The next morning we realized the cord had been right there on the floor the whole time. Well I knocked out after whining about the music... I don't really remember what happened but then I was waking up and J was sitting on the bed, now having woken since she passed out on the toilet. Most ppl from the party were gone by then. It was like 4 am or something. Well F asked me to gomake her pizza so I was like sure! So me and J went into the kitchen, without bothering to turn the lights on. I took the pizza from the freezer and put it on this big *** plate, then proceeded to try and shove it in the microwave. I kept trying and trying but it wouldn't fit and I didn't know why. So then J was like if it doesn't fit just stick it in there without a ******* plate. So I did. I just tossed the pizza in there. Then apparently I likethrew myself onto the fridge cuz the microwave was on top of it and like just stood there with my arms above me, hands touching microwave and body leaning on fridge. I say apparently cuz I don't remember the kitchen scene too clearly, but it's what my friends have told me. And then I was like pushing the buttons on the microwave but I was getting frustrated cuz no matter how many times I pushed or how hard I did it nothing happened. It just wouldn't work and I couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong. So I asked J for help and she came and helped me. Well then the pizza was ready and I went back and gave it to F. One bite and she spit it out. The pizza was sposed tone in the microwave for 15 minutes but we only put it for 3. Then we all went to bed. In the morning we all had more weed and I took 4 hits. I was sposed to go home later that day and I was freaking outcuz I couldn't sober up. Even a cold shower didn't do it. But eventually I did. And I gotta say that was the best first experience. I later found out that the majority of the weed at the party was haze, which was why I was more hyper than chill. Im not a heavy smoker and I haven't had haze since then, mostly only kush, so I haven't felt that hyper smoking. Just chill and sleepy. Sometimes paranoid and hyper. Well yea, just wanted to share my experience of getting high for the first time.
LaLaFreak LaLaFreak
13-15, F
Aug 11, 2010