I'm Just A Little Scared

Tonight, this to sleep sleep orchristian louboutin afraid of love, is a torment me. Don't know what to do in the night. Wait for daylight became the only hope, but every time seems to have stretched several times.

I'm afraid not, in fact,christian louboutin it is a bit hard. From the seed of quilts and wall of security, so although particularly hot now, though, I'm still a bit sour neck woli, still stuck at always faced the wall. At least that can not so scared. Actually this semester is always like that, but I'm not habit. But is it tomorrow to test. Also understand that not every night someone accompany you to wake up every morning, and not afraid someone will go with you.

The tender words, just think in this silent dark night can not so afraid of, can sleep early time, at least, can let go faster. Let the heart calm for a day. But perhaps this is difficult, everyone has his own life,christian louboutin not every time you wait for. Although want to have a person at the moment, the other is the most afraid I told me: "don't be afraid, I?", but I know that sometimes for the people in dreamland, shouldn't let each other and suffer together.

jasonfu jasonfu
18-21, F
Aug 11, 2010