My First Trip To Ireland

My mother was from County Letrim in Ireland.  My grandmother was very proud of her Irish heritage.  My  nana spoke some Irish but she told me both her mother and father spoke the Irish language.  I found that strange because during their time the Irish language was discouraged and very few spoke it.  Last night, I was checking out ancestory info and on the census 1911 it stated that they spoke Irish as well as English.  I found that very interesting.  I guess it was because they were from an isolated area in Ireland.  I remember when I was 8 and my grandmother took me to Leitrim I thought in my mind we need a helicopter to get to the family farm.  When we left the roadside we had to put on wellington boots that were in the last house by the road. We walked and walked through wetlands.  I thought I was going to sink into the earth.  It was late at night and the only light was a lantern.  This was a little bit too much for a girl from New York's inner city.   When awoke in the morning I was in culture shock.  There was no television, telephone, or any people in sight.  Grocery stores were no where in sight.  I was dying for my soda which everyone called a mineral.  I had never been anywhere that stores were not open till very late at night and right down the block.   It took a few days to become a farm girl but soon enough I was pitching the hay and making the rooks.  I think that was the name for little haystacks.  Then they would make a super giant one.  My grandmother's sister would bring us tea and soda bread for break time. At night time, we would sit my the fireplace and put the turf from the bog on it.  Then the stories would start about fairies,  a girl named Rosie Fox who never came back from the back mountain, and so many more.  I was totally mesmerized and didn't the story telling to end.  There was a beautiful hill or small mountain in back of  the house.  Down the mountain came a little a waterfall and when I wanted to cross to the other side I would jump on the rocks and that was by bridge.  I do remember berries growing wild on that mountain.  They were delicious.  The water from the waterfall was divine.  It was the best water I ever tasted and soon made me forget all about  cola.   After 3 months, we went back to NY because school was starting.  The kids were laughing because I had picked up a bit of the Irish brogue.  My grandmother had the sweetest brogue in the world and never lost it.   My grandmother and I returned to Ireland for other summers.   In retrospect,  my summers in Ireland with my grandmother were some of the best days of my life.
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Sep 8, 2010