The Ol' Family Tree...

This is just a short little "experience". My family is of Irish/Scottish descent. I always looked at these as two badges of pride and still do. However, I discovered my mother's travel journal from when she visited Ireland not too long ago. Nothing remarkable in there, just the usual talk of weather, driving and landmarks. Then I got about midway through and she starts talking about how she was tracking down any distant relatives who still live in Ireland. Turns out the whole lot are associated with IRA and terrorism. I don't know what to think of that exactly. But that certainly was my "holy $#!T" moment of the day. I know there's some horrible stuff connected to that, but I laughed. That's not the sort of thing a person expects to find in an old dust-collecting travel diary!
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1 Response Dec 14, 2010

well if we all looked into our family past we will all find somethng that we did think that we were part of