I Dont Know What To Think

19 years old, not sad or depressed or suicidal. i have a good home life with loving parents who have always provided me with everything ive needed. it just feels so empty, i guess the word for it is dissapointed. this cant be all life is about, school, job, kids, house, work, until retirement then die, that cant be it. we have to be here for something bigger. going through this site theres so much pain and suffering and i want to help all of you i want to take your hurt and put it in me. i want to make the everything better but i dont know how. i want to make it clear im not suicidal, but id also like to say i dont have anything to live for. some people will read that and think its sad but thats not how i feel about it. its not sad, its just meaningless.
dylangutierrez4 dylangutierrez4
1 Response Dec 15, 2010

let me see if i have this right, <br />
you feel lost hapless, even though you personnly are doing okay, <br />
Your empathetic to the suffering around you, and physically can feel the pain of others on occasian. feels "listless or draining"<br />
you are artistic musical, well adjusted otherwise,<br />
was born in a month with a lunar or water sign.?<br />
<br />
Sounds like you got a gift from your Irish ancestors, enjoy it..... <br />
And if you beleive that the moon can effects humans as is does with the oceans, right now its coming into a full moon during the winter solstice, just alot of forces opposing each other.at a turbulent time for alot of people.<br />
sounds like you picking up alot of the chatter floating around with that " Irish Radar"<br />
should ease in a couple of days<br />
<br />