ERIN Go Bragh!

I am part Irish and to look at me my features give me away.  I am very fair with the greenish blue eyes etc.  I am proud of my Irish ancestors with the many sacrifices they made so that I can be called "Ameican" today.  I visited Ireland many years ago to visit some of my Irish relatives and to tour the country.  It is beautiful and I am proud to say I am at least part Irish.  Erin Go Bragh!!!! (literally "Ireland until the end (of time)."

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And now it's June...


Oh and it's "Eireann go bra" lol xo

ah lads ye couldn't be more AMERICAN!! be proud of it, you guys are so cool Stateside! and yes I would invite you in for a cuppa tea if you asked me for directions.... :P xo

what part of ieland did your family come from?

My eyes come out as pure black every time i take a picture. Even a close up of my eyes, but they set on a final color i do believe. Probably the coolest shade of dark green i have ever seen.

Iwanttobeanoerxia,<br />
<br />
I have no clue what you are asking. If you mean anorexic as in a person with the condition known to doctors as anorexia nervosa, then the answer is not only "no" but "awwwww hale no!" People die from eating disorders every day. You need to seek professional help if this is your chosen path. I am certain they can give you all the advice on what is healthy for you. You can then either take their advice or not from that point, but that is up to you.

i want to become anoeria will you help me start

woooooo go hÉireannaigh!!!

LOL ladies. I know who I want to take me on tour next time.

I love trips to Ireland...ask for directions and they ask you to come in for a cup of tea.<br />
And I love train rides. I bet you had lots of tea offers by the time you got off.

Me folks were both born in Ireland.<br />
On my last visit I took a bus tour that stopped to congratulate a newly married couple...everyone on the bus partied a little. How cool is that?

As do I

Part Irish here...agree with 981 love the music

LMAO, i grew up in the South and I have the Southern accent thing going on. lol

No, not a bit of one. Grew up in Georgia, but somehow never picked up a drawl. At least compared to the other folks I know...<br />
<br />

I am curious Book Nerd... DO you have an accent?

I'm about 1/4 too, I reckon; maybe a bit more, it's tough to tell. Got lots of different Irish families as relatives and ancestors. <br />
<br />
What's not Irish in me is Scotch and Welsh, with a bit of French in the mix. <br />
<br />
Yay for the Celts! *raises glass* Slainte!

cool . I can't wait.

We already started and thought you were here Colline... Colline Colline where are you???? We are looking for you... I have your green beer waiting!!!

HEHE funny. I am 1/4 so I guess that gets me maybe 2 green beers. Man I wish I was in Savannah, GA today.

I'm maybe 1/16th Irish (I just learned yesterday from my dad) so I'll drink your share CMR! ^_^

Party??? Oh yeah...I don't

I am part Irish as well....lets party.

It was the second most beautiful place I have been to in my lifetime.

I have been flirting with you all morning CZ. You are one of my favorite partners lol. Let's go! I am ready.

Exactly and I plan on celebrating who I am EVERY DAY for the rest of my life. That reminds me I need to change my mood. <br />
Q, I plan on celebrating more than just a wee bit more lol.

ah but its not st paddys today!<br />
The Irish Bishops changed it! It was Saturday so it didnt coincide with Holy Week =]<br />
Irish is the way forward though =p

So ye'll be celebratin' a we bit harder then most this St Patti's I gather ^_^

i am irish and its St Paddy's day haha fail ^