The Love Of My Life Locked Up

My boyfriend has been locked up for 5 months already, and to be honest we've only been together for 1 week before he had got locked up
The way he makes me feel is well unknown and real different, then any relationship i had been in. For any female they have expectations on what they ask for in a guy, and mine was to never walk away from me, when we argue and the first time  we had argued he had never left my side he kept bothering me for about an hour, and from there on i knew he was the one I've been waiting for. The first time i feel in love with him, my mom didn't allow us to sleep together so i had slept in the living room, and he didn't want me to leave him till 5 in the morning, because my dad was getting ready for work, so i went out around 5 and slept till 7, when he heard my dad leave the front door, he walked to the living room, and woke me up with a kiss on my cheek, with the words that was spoken, "baby i can't sleep, can you sleep with me now?" he made me blush, with the sudden feeling in my head this boy is so unreal,.I was in love. For any guy who can hold me every night without letting me go, and wake in the morning and kiss me on my cheek and say good morning beautiful, then feel the urge to make breakfast for the whole family, has my heart, for any guy who can fight me for a broom, or dust the living room, and wash the families dishes, has my attention. My whole family loves him, to my mother, father, grandma, grandpa, only lords knows hes a keeper, introducing to your family, i knew you trusted me, meeting your mom, it was so important me,. Till that day they had took you away from me, baby you tell me its for a reason, but whats the reason to have the love of my life taken from me, you said its to better us , and make our love stronger, to the point where we cant be without one another, all i can do i bare with it and trust it, for any two lovers who think that long distance love is to complicated if you really think about it, if you say you love that person, nothing can get in the way of it, even through the miles, even if its set to be behind bars, nothing can ever take the love of your life away. They may have taken him away from me, but as i tell myself everyday, they can never take his heart away. our love at this point is based on time limit, just to hear his voice for 15 minutes, or to visit him for 30 minutes and getting letters, is the only feeling, the least is that its better than nothing. i love you my husband only for you my heart bleeds, for only you is the reason for every blood that runs through my veins, and as i will hold to heart the words you said, "i love you more than the universe,. because not even the world can compare how much i love you., And i trust it till this very day, and most important, all i have to say, is i promise you baby i am here to stay, no matter all the wait in the world, not even time can pull my heart away, we are going to fight for love,. ! FREE MY HUSBAND

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What did he do

Sorry and I will leave you alone from now on. I can't help but think like a parent and try to show some reality to you kids on here sometimes. Take care now.

thank you ,

No I'm sorry but it is you that doesn't understand. Have you read anybody's comments to you ? It's called live and learn and it is your life but nobody wants to a kid like you waste her life on some loser like that. Go ahead and get tattooed and have a few kids with him, let him bring you down too and some day you will wake up and realize that everybody's advice was right I just hope its not too late for you. You never would have asked the question if you didn't know the answer already. He's probably being traded for a pack of cigarettes right now. Good luck and I hope for your sake that you make the right choice.

i understand your opinion,. but what i dont understand is the fact your saying hes getting traded by other inmates, i dont appreciate you saying that

Unfortunately that's the reality of prison and you guys are the toys for the older and tougher inmates and I'm sure its happened to him and he's not going to want to talk about it. So do you really want to deal with that with a guy you've only really dated for a week. Run don't walk from this one.

yeah i do want to be with him, i dnt care what you people have to say

When is he going to be release?

dont kno yet

A week you've got to be kidding? He's a loser and probably being traded to other inmates right now and guess what they aren't wearing condoms in prison so don't let him fool you. By the time he gets out he'll probably not even think of it as rape and I'm sure he's on the receiving end of it every day. Just something for you to think about.

uhm, why you say that . dont ever say hes getting touched in there, thats some **** i dont ever want to hear !

we didnt even argue like that, and my family loves him, they all know about it, and you know what they still accept him !

You were together for a week before he went to jail. In that short time you already had an argument. I wonder what your family think about you dating a jail bird?