Miss Seeing The Busking On Grafton Street...

Born in Ireland, living in US now. I want to go home and walk down Grafton Street and all around Temple Bar area just to hear the street players. The best music is heard there and in the bars! There is nothing like it here!
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The Gathering 2013. An attempt to reunite ex-pats with home. Could be worth the trip! Greetings from Dublin!

Really? Have to check that out. Where, when, will it be?

Won't let me post the link marking it as spam. All the info is on the www.gatheringireland.com

Thanks redhead91

Then my friend you have to move to Toronto great Irish bars great Irish women and a huge Irish community. <br />
The Atlantic provinces have so many people in Toronto that you get get great fiddle good Irish dancin real irish bars. <br />
You may be still a little home sick but you get the both of best worlds. <br />
Toronto also just had buskerfest the biggest busker street party in the work buskers from every corner of the planet. <br />
I've been to Dublin and its great. Infact I lived in Ireland on and of inky youth. So come North my friend you'll love it. <br />
Plus we have a wart climate than half the northern states

That was warmer lol ******* spell check

LMAO....I will have to try that wart climate in Toronto. Seriously though I do have some friends in Toronto from Ireland that love it there - so I just might have to pay them a visit!

ah sorry to hear ur missing us

They are not banning busking in Grafton Street, But they are goung to regulate it.... no harm do do that

Ya would wanna make it soon coz the muppets are bannin' buskin' on Grafton street


Sorry, it's the Dublin accent ;)
They (the govenrment and pc brigade) want to ban busking on Grafton street saying it detracts from the whole street and area. They are also repaving the entire street and have plans for it. Seriously, with the greedy, ignorant self serving gobshites that are 'in charge' of the state, your better off staying where you are for a couple of years!

Oh I would love to visit Ireland....what made you move to the U.S.?

a guy...long story

Oh the things we do for men.....sad :-(