Ever since I was small, I had an idea that reality was not a thing of rigidness, but rather, a free flowing infinite exploration, and where anything was possible. Well, that did not last very long, before I was thrust into so many beliefs, and survival-ism, and trying to fit in to society. I grew up and changed my feelings toward reality, and lost a sense of who I was, and what I was, and why I was alive on this Earth. I believed in so many things, and had created so many strong beliefs, and feelings towards others, and myself, and my thoughts, and I had become rigid and lost and sad and I felt alone. Years later, when I was in my early twenties, I decided to end my life and join those that disengage from this earthly plane. As I awoke from my attempted suicide, I realized that I had not succeeded in killing myself, and that I was standing alert, and aware in my bedroom. I looked around the room and noticed a man lying in my bed. Long story short, and with much prodding and curiosity, I found that that man was me, and I was having an out of body experience. When I awoke, my life instantly changed. I realized that the human body was more than it appeared, and I began a journey of exploration. I studied online for many years, and read many books, trying to unravel the mysteries of the Universe. Eventually I came across many online videos that resonated with my soul and spoke of peace and happiness and creative allowance and love and infinite bliss. Today, as I am 26 years old, I have come to the realization that I am but a piece of the Universe, and the Universe is a reflection of me. I am a limited perception of God, the all that is, the universe, love, etc, exploring the leading edge experience of human life, on this lovely little planet. I create my own reality, with beliefs, synchronicity and my emotions. Anything I want or desire appears before my eyes, if I am allowing and accepting and trusting that it will occur, in one way or another. Source speaks to me, and teaches me, and loves me so dearly. I see so much love in all things, as I am but a thing, of many things, and we are all together in this infinite source. Reality, and time and space, are no longer limited. Anything is possible. Reality shifts, and bends to my thoughts and feelings and beliefs. Reality is but a reflection of me, and I it, and together we explore the possibilities of my being. Today, I wanted to share my story. It is a long one, and contains many twists and turns, and beliefs, and possibilities, and it may take an open and allowing mind to trust that I speak the truth of my life, but I will never speak the truth for others. Each of us is living in our own Universe, which is a reflection of our self, and who am I to dictate your beautiful life? I am what I am, and I love you, and I thank you for reading my human journey, in so little words. Caio.
shifted2007 shifted2007
26-30, M
Mar 13, 2012