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I had this friend,in Ireland her name was Carla,she was one of those people that who had to really know to like or even understand her..We grew up together had ther same friends you could say we knew each other very well
She was the kind of person who always seemed to land her self in bad situation's,and once in them they seemed to spiral out of control..She has three children,in there own way there sweet enough but due to circumstances in life they are very trouble some,you know the kind poor white trash with no hope in life..
Any way i had not been in touch with Carla for a while,but was talking to my mother on ther phone and she was telling me that carla had been diganosed with stage three cancer..This was not really a surprise as this woman had smojked drank and drugged her way through most of her life,but still when you hear these things its alweays a shock to the system..Any way to cut a long and sad story short the poor girl pased away this morning at 5 pm,and now the question hsas to be asked what will become of her children,they have no father and she really had not to many is cruel and unkind to some people..
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So where is the father? What happened to the children?

Life is hard but it's harder if your stupid.

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He? Thought you were talking about a girl? Understand about pure rage and hate though, bad stuff that, get you killed, looks like your life could someday take a turn down a similar road as your girl / boy friend . Worlds full of people like me one around every corner some day one of them will set you off and you will end up doing something stupid.

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All I can say is every thing happens for a reason. If worst comes to worst CPS will step in and take care of it.

Think your right..but it's going to be a really hard life for these kids..there dad is no were to be found and she has no family to take over..I would look after them but it would take weeks in court to sort out I can't afford It and don't I be the right person for the job...